I am an Assistant Professor (RTDa) in Statistics at the MEMOTEF Department of Sapienza University of Rome (IT), and a long-term visitor at the MRC - Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge (UK), where I was a Postdoc in late 2020 — 2021.

I collaborate with different academic (and other research) institutions worldwide, most of which I visited during my PhD. The most active collaborations include University of Cambridge, National University of Singapore and University of Toronto, where I am also part of the IAI Lab. I am in the editorial board of YoungStatS, the blog of Young Statisticians Europe (YSE), and curate the Women in Statistics and Data Science Twitter account. I am also a member of IMS, ACM and SIS.

I embrace diverse areas of statistics. My primary research interest lies in exploring and developing statistical methods and theory in the context of sequential decision-making problems, intersecting areas of Statistical Inference, Bayesian statistics, Reinforcement Learning (RL) & Multi-armed Bandits (MABs), and Adaptive designs / experiments. More specifically, my current focus is: 1) on using MABs and RL for informing the design of adaptive experiments, in clinical trials and mobile-Health experiments (healthcare, education and other behavioral sciences); and 2) valid inference in adaptively collected data. More recently, I become interested in copula models for data dependencies.

My research is inspired by the numerous challenges arising in real-life applications that are characterized by a sequential nature. I strongly believe that the theoretical and methodological progress should go along with the concrete real-world needs, and be not simply good, but also good for something.


  • PhD in Methodological Statistics, 2021

    University of Rome La Sapienza

  • Double Degree (MSc) in Bayesian Statistics and Decision Sciences, 2017

    Universitè Paris Dauphine & University of Rome La Sapienza


  • STATISTICS Statistical Inference, Bayesian Statistics, Copula Models
  • ML Reinforcement Learning, Multi-armed Bandits
  • APPLICATIONS Clinical trials, Adaptive Designs, Mobile-Health, Doping Detection

Latest News

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